Marcus’ entertaining talks have been widely acclaimed by both  guests and industry professionals. As a film director he’s a natural storyteller who combines amusing narrative with stunning visual content.

Marcus’ unique career has been extraordinarily diverse; from directing a Royal premiered cinema film, to producing an Olympic Opening Ceremony. He has shot on location around the world, from the fifty degrees in the desert to minus forty in the Arctic. Working with Oscar winning actors and cinematographers, Marcus extraordinary projects have a unifying thread - creativity. So, join Marcus for his inspired new cruise enrichment programme… ‘Adventures in Creativity’.

Enjoy an exclusive behind-the-scenes journey through some of his high profile exploits, with a cast that includes Royalty, Hollywood stars, and Academy Award winners. He also weaves in visual narratives from his expeditionary travels, with photography and video tips that anyone can enjoy.       

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Pic: Marcus at BAFTA for  the

Royal Premiere of The Troop in 1999


“As a travel journalist with since 2001, I have been on over 75 cruises. As you might imagine, I have sat through many lectures. I cannot recall a lecture series more beneficial or interesting than yours.”

Managing Editor
Cruise Report


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