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Marcus has created (produced, directed, written, and funded) a slate of philanthropic films on the subject of disability. Productions that research suggested were warranted, and that would have a positive impact on the lives of those living with spinal card injury (for example), but that would not otherwise have been produced. Operating on tiny expenses-only budgets, and for no fee, Marcus was assisted by Associate Producer, Dr. Alina Palimaru.

In addition to these award-winning films, Marcus and Alina have gone on to develop other initiatives, such as academic research into wheelchair based fatigue, to support and benefit the SCI community as part of a broader needs’ effort to plug communications gaps in provision.

Philanthropic productions include: The Spinal Injury Patient Film, The Spinal Injury Outreach Film, Choosing a Wheelchair, Disability and The Law, and The Sarah Lamping Memorial Expedition.


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