Pinewood Studios 1992 cast and crew.
John Rosenberg (DoP), second in from the right.

Cinematographer John Rosenberg, affectionately known as ’JR’, had a significant impact on my early directing career. We worked on dozens of films for a range of leading producers and blue chip commercial clients. The common threads were polished narrative storytelling and garnering a creative edge. We sought to always maximise the ‘bang for buck’ with high production values.

John’s professionalism and can-do mentality, along with his experience and significant set presence (supported by his long-term assistant, the equally legendary, Danny Grant), made us a force to be reckoned with. Our collaborations led to numerous film awards, so this was, literally, a golden era.  I love his other work too, in classic light entertainment shows, such as The Fast Show, that endure as a testament to his talent.

I cannot adequately express how much I enjoyed the times we spent together. It was a rewarding era in every respect. Production is rarely plain sailing, but John’s sense of humour helped see us through. I miss him enormously, but am glad to have images that evoke the years we spent together. RIP dear John. My thoughts are with his wife, Ros, and children Holly and Marc.

2000 JR lighting Hayley Mills for Sir John Mills’ Moving Memories (dir Marcus Dillistone, foreground).

New York Festivals Gold Medal trip 1993 - Bill Stewart, Marcus, Glynis Canney, Ros and John Rosenberg.

JR and Danny

Pinewood Studios 1992: John Rosenberg (DoP, operating), Bill Geddes (key grip), Danny Grant (camera assistant)

British Airways Studio Shoot with long term gaffer for JR, Terry ‘Lou the Lip’ Lewis (2nd from right) 

Pinewood Studios set, JR tweaking a lamp.

JR and Marcus - Pinewood Studios

Studio shoot for the award winning film - The Chemistry of Success

Shooting an experimental cat scanner for the
award-winning film - A World of Difference

On the road, back in the day - Motorola 8000 phone, JR used this well into the ‘90s.


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